Why the Cloud Should Be Part of Your Data Backup Strategy

Increase agility, add scalability and improve cost-efficiency by extending your data center to the cloud.

A cloud backup service automatically transfers your backup data via the internet to a data center for secure storage. A tape/hard drive back-up solution requires a rotation of devices and secure off-site storage.

  • Cloud backup involves sending backup data over the internet to an offsite server.
  • No backup software or hardware is needed, making it more affordable to protect your company data.
  • Access data remotely from any location.
  • Restore key files and data to its computers and servers.
  • Get affordable, automatic behind-the-scenes data backup.
  • Backup files are easily accessible as long as there’s internet access.

Both tape and cloud backup are effective data protection strategies. Contact Uthanda ICT today to assess your specific backup and recovery requirements and to implement a solution tailored to your needs.

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